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The Flex City (TFC) is a private Studio facility based in Matunga E, Mumbai. After spending 8 years as a personal trainers, Founders of the TFC so that they could continue to help people transform their lives and achieve their health and fitness goals. Since opening in Oct 2020, TFC has helped many people changing their lives. 

​The TFC welcomes a range of clients – professional office based workers, teachers, business owners, stay at home mums and more. Whether the goal is to lose a bit of post-baby weight, get in shape for your big wedding day, or improve strength and regain energy, the TFC provides it all. 

​By offering a variety of group and/or personal training services to tackle personal goals, the unique TFC experience works for everyone and it is very effective. 

​TFC thrives on creating a positive culture for all members, both indoor and outdoor. The TFC is full of like minded professional certified trainers who are on a mission to be the best they can be and influence and motivate others around them.